FINALLY!! A High Protein Diet study That Has Been Repeatedly Recommended

31 Aug

Doubling the Daily Allowance of Protein Intake With Diet and Exercise Protects Muscle Loss

I hope it means that the health community will actually believe it, instead of thinking that this is “bad for your kidneys.” I wish I could say more, but this tends to sum it up very well.


One Response to “FINALLY!! A High Protein Diet study That Has Been Repeatedly Recommended”

  1. Chris Litten September 4, 2013 at 7:50 am #

    Thanks for the link to the study. I think it important for all to understand that this study affirmed the impact of doubling the current RDA recommendations for protein intake. Individuals were able to spare muscle loss while decreasing body fat as they adhered to a regimen of exercise and a calorie restricted diet. However, the study also clearly states that this is only for a short term. I think it is necessary, given all the mixed messages targeted at the general public concerning protein intake, to stress that point. The study report concludes by stating the importance of a healthy diet post-fat loss phase.

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