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FIT Buddies Take 5

29 May


Coach Jen’s class shows us how to Take 5–simple strategies to stay healthy and happy. Watch the video. It will definitely be worth your time.

Just in case you forgot, here’s the 5!

Take 1 Eat Well

Take 2 Move Around

Take 3 Drink Water

Take 4 Sleep

Take 5 Have Fun

We love what Coach Jen is doing with the FIT Buddies program. What’s more, the life habits she is helping to form in her kids are applicable to all of us.

So Take 5, and be ready to follow the lead of our FIT Buddies!

Rick Gives All at CrossFit Regionals

27 May

Every athletic competition tells a story of heroic feats and heart-breaking setbacks, all in the face of tremendous adversity unfolding moment-by-moment, right in front of our eyes.

And this year’s CrossFit NorCal Regional competition was no different for coach Rick and his FIT contingent of supporters.

Rick had already overcome a number of injuries that prevented him from training at full tilt all year round. Rick made no excuses and came into last weekend’s competition quite confident that he could make another run at a top ten finish.

The competition opened with a classic CrossFit workout affectionately named “Diane”. Rick had to perform twenty-one deadlifts at 225# followed by twenty-one handstand push ups, then fifteen of each, then nine of each as fast as possible. Battling fatiguing shoulders, Rick finished with a time of 5:30 to start off the competition in 32nd place.

Later that day, in the second workout, Rick rowed 2,000 meters, then did 50 1-leg squats, and then 30 hang cleans at heavy 225# in only 16:00 to move into the top 20. With a solid first day in the books, Rick was optimistic that he could continue to climb the standings on Day 2.

Rick came out of the gates firing on all cylinders Day 2’s first workout. Snatching a 100# dumbbell and sprinting a total of 400m, Rick’s time of 4:08 put him in 5th place in that event. The second event of Day 2 proved to be a treacherous test of mental and physical stamina and endurance. Completing a circuit that total 150 weighted squats, 120 pull-ups, and 90 push presses just under the time cap of 17:00, Rick sat in 16th place at the end of Day 2.

Day 3, the final day of the competition, was set up to test the mettle of even the most seasoned athlete. The first event of the day involved testing the athletes’ heaviest snatch. The catch was that they had to move up a ladder of barbells beginning at 155#, moving up 10# each step on the ladder. In between each progressively heavier barbell, Rick had to perform 20 double-unders with a jump rope.

Rick had warmed up to a comfortable 210# snatch in the warm-up. Then had to wait nearly 45 minutes before he could begin the ladder.

On the first snatch, a mere 155# that Rick could do in his sleep, he felt a sharp pain shoot down the side of his leg.

Rick had re-aggravated an old injury. He had torn a muscle in his quad.

With his back against a wall, there still was not a single hint of quit in Rick. He managed to eek his way several lifts up the ladder, but at last failed to snatch 185# within the time limit.

FIT’s fan contingent watched Rick battle his competitors, the workouts, and himself all weekend. And while Rick came away from the weekend disappointed to be knocked out of the competition by injury, his supporters were amazed by the tremendous heart, tenacity, and grit Rick put on display.

We’re proud of you of the way Rick represented FIT and CrossFit Los Altos with such class and poise.

And we look forward to another epic performance next year in 2013.

FIT Kids Summer Camps are Coming!

25 May

At FIT, we believe in the vital importance of long-term health and fitness.

And we also believe in equipping our young generation with the physical and mental tools to cultivate long-term habits of health, confidence, and teamwork.

One way we get to do this is through our Kids Summer camps. You’ve seen the banner. You’ve seen the fliers. Now check out the details below and get on board!

What’s it about?

Kids will explore themany different aspects of fitness through new sills and exercises involving movement patterns, strength, flexibility, jumping, footwork, speed and agility all in a structured and fun way. Camps are taught by certified fitness professionals.


June 25-28

July 16-19

August 6-9


All run from 10am – 2pm


7 – 12 years


For more information, contact Danielle or Kevin at 650-947-9831 or see the flier at the front desk.

Dont miss this opportunity to get your kid FIT!

Celebrate National Salad Month!

15 May

No, seriously, May is National Salad Month. And what better way to celebrate with America than by re-tuning your salad habits?

For too long, salads have been seen as foo-foo meals. You know the salads I’m talking about. They usually are made up mostly of light green leaves with just a few dry pieces of chicken breast smothered in dressing. Even more concerning is the meat-less salad. You know what that’s called? An appetizer.

For this year’s national salad month, celebrate by turning that appetizer into a nutrient-packed power meal.

Start here: the foundation. A power salad needs a good base. But if you’re tired of always using spinach (like I do) or the romaine “salad mix” then consider experimenting with arugula, bok choy, butterhead lettuce, cabbage (red or green), or kale.

Next, the meat and potatoes (minus the potatoes). Protein is an essential ingredient for a power salad. But if you’re getting tired of the run-of-the-mill chicken breast, change the game by adding one (or more!) of these hearty protein sources: duck, shrimp, salmon, bacon, pulled pork, or any variation of sausage.

Now, get creative. My power salads usually consist of the usual suspects: avocado, broccoli, shredded carrots, berries or apple, cucumber, and a smattering of colorful peppers. But if you’re looking for some new flair to add, try adding a splash of fruit like pineapple or mango, or other vegetables like asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms or olives.

When it comes to dressing up a power salad, I usually stick to the classic Paleo combination of olive oil and lemon juice. But if you want a new twist, consider using avocado or walnut oil. Or, try my favorite way to change up a power salad and top it with salsa and (a lot of) guacamole.

So, celebrate National Salad Month by trying out a new version of your power salad. And if you come up with or have an excellent recipe.

Share the power salad love with the rest of the FIT community by posting your recipe in the comments section.

Get Lean. Do Sprints.

12 May

At FIT, we love sprinting.

We love sprinting in all kinds of forms. And we’ve probably shared our love of sprinting at some point with you.

Maybe it was on the rower doing 250 meter repeats. Or maybe on the treadmill sprinting for twenty seconds, resting ten seconds, and then doing it all over again. Or maybe you have even been lucky enough to push that crazy contraption we affectionately call the “Prowler” through the parking lot.

And at some point, you’ve probably wondered something like, “How is this going to help me lean out for summer?”

Perhaps defying conventional wisdom, short sprint intervals are actually more effective than continuous aerobic exercise for influencing body composition and fat loss.

A new study shows that sprint intervals will help you lose more fat while training a fraction of the time it would take to lose a comparable amount from continuous endurance exercise.

The study, published in the journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, compared the effects of a high intensity sprint interval program with an endurance running program on two different groups over six weeks. The sprint program consisted of 30-second sprint intervals and the endurance program consisted of running 30-60 minutes at approximately 65 percent of maximal effort.

The results were dramatic. Fat mass decreased by 12.4% among the sprint group compared to only 5.8% amongst the endurance group. What’s more, the sprint interval group decreased their fat mass by training 1/18th of the time as the endurance group–6.75 hours compared to 13.5 hours over the six week program.

In other words, the sprint group lost more fat mass in a fraction of the time.

The results are likely due to the fact that doing sprint intervals increases post-exercise oxygen consumption which elevates your metabolic rate and energy use after the workouts.

So, the moral of the story? Sprint.

Ask your FIT coach about how you could maximize your training time to get lean and save time by doing sprint intervals on the rower, on the bike, on the road, or, yes, even on the Prowler.

Coach Rick is a CrossFit Legend (in Africa)

9 May

Next weekend on May 18th-20th Coach Rick will look to improve on last year’s stellar performance at the CrossFit NorCal Regional competition. And he needs your help to make it happen. So why not join the FIT contingent screaming in support of Rick at the competition next weekend?

Check here for directions to the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds and ticket information.

Our last post on Rick highlighted his incredible finish in 37th place out of nearly 1500 competitors in the NorCal region. This is impressive in its own right considering that the NorCal region is among the world’s toughest regions.

How tough you ask?

Well, let’s break it down. Consider Rick’s performance in the CrossFit Open, the worldwide competition where only the top 60 male and female athletes in each region advance to the next stage. Using, Rick’s performance over the five Open workouts would’ve have put him in very elite company in other regions of the world.

He would have finished third in Latin America.

Second in Asia.

And he wold have dominated the competition to take first in Africa.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Should Rick move his wife and kids to Africa in order to lay claim to CrossFit greatness? (I mean, how many people can say they are the top CrossFit athlete in an entire continent, right?)

Of course Rick isn’t going anywhere. And he isn’t phased by statistical comparisons. Rick knows exactly how tough the NorCal region is, and how on any given weekend it’s anyone’s competition to win.

If you’ve never been to a CrossFit competition, this is an excellence chance to see Rick face off against some of the fittest athletes on earth.

Several of FIT’s trainers will be there. Will you?

Greg Nagaye Starts Competition Season on Fire

2 May

Yes, bodybuilding is a sport. And it just so happens that Greg is pretty good at it.

You can ask Greg and he’ll tell you that the sport itself is difficult to describe. In last 10 years, bodybuilding competitions have added new divisions for both male and female competitors, but Greg prefers classic bodybuilding. The criteria? It’s fairly simple to explain, but rather difficult to judge. The objective for bodybuilding competitors is to show off a physique that is as muscular and lean as possible while still being pleasing to the eye. In competition, every aspect of the body is scrutinized: How wide are your shoulders? How defined is your back? How narrow is your waist? And so on.

On stage, under the hot lights and the scrutinizing eyes of spectators and judges, the pressure might be enough to rattle the average competitor. Yet Greg is a seasoned athlete who has been involved in competitive athletics since the first grade. And from this very early age, Greg developed an incredible appetite for winning.

Greg first found his competitive groove in tennis, competing as a USTA junior, high school, and NCAA Division I athlete at Long Beach State University. Seeking a new challenge, Greg began training as a kickboxer and mixed martial artist. Fighting for Steve Fossum’s International Kickboxing Federation (IKF), Greg earned a staggering 18-1 record fighting as both an amateur and professional. He amassed three US titles in three different weight classes.

When Greg’s wife, an IFBB professional figure competitor, introduced him to IFBB Hall of Famer Flex Wheeler, Greg caught the competition “bug.” It’s a good thing Greg loves winning because the training regime is insane, the diet requires incredible discipline, and the preparation requires attention to a million small details. And in spite of this, Greg has never placed lower than second in a competition. He’s got his sights set on a California state title this year and a national title within the next year.

Some people do things for the journey. Some people do things for the destination. Greg is a destination person. This is why he can tolerate the training and diet demands. And during all this, Greg would never recommend that we mere mortals follow this same training regiment and diet because it’s simply not sustainable for a long-term healthy lifestyle.

While Greg’s clients respect him for the way he coaches, we also respect Greg for his competitive nature and drive to succeed in sport.

Greg competes in a huge show this weekend in Hayward. We’re trying to get an FIT contingent to show our support for Greg as he looks to improve on his recent second place finish.

Anyone interested?