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Score one for the Paleo Diet

6 Mar

Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet May Help Some Children With Autism, Research Suggests

Research recently out of Penn State University provides more support for some of the therapeutic effects of a Paleo Diet – exclusion of gluten and casein (wheat and dairy protein, respectively).

It seems that exclusion of gluten and casein may be beneficial for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.  The authors also noted that there might NOT be outward symptoms of allergies or food intolerances, but that the negative interactions from these foods still exists.


And some general information from WebMD about gluten/casein-free diets for ASD

Dying Younger from Heart Disease

1 Dec

While I am not really one for scare tactics and fear-mongering, I couldn’t help but share this startling finding: Today’s Teens Will Die Younger of Heart Disease, Study Finds

In the article, the authors point to a study performed by researchers at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine who found that:

-[many] children and adolescents, ages 12 to 19, … have high blood sugar levels, are obese or overweight, have a lousy diet, don’t get enough physical activity and even smoke

-“After four decades of declining deaths from heart disease, we are starting to lose the battle again,” Lloyd-Jones added

The article goes on to enumerate some of the glaringly poor health characteristics that the researchers found, including bad diets, high blood sugar, obesity or overweight, and low physical activity, among others.

These are all things that we at FIT can help to improve, as well as educate about.

Almost to the End

25 Oct

While we’re getting ready for the end of the Whole 30, I wanted to remind everybody about our final meeting this Wednesday evening at 7pm.

Where: 1133 Miguel Avenue Los Altos (off of Fremont)

When: 7pm

What: Please bring a Whole 30 approved dish that can serve 4-6.  This can be a main dish, side, salad, or even appetizer; just something for all of us to share and enjoy.


Also, I came across this article about how to get your children to eat more vegetables.  Big tips from the article:

  • Set a good example for your kids.  “…they are watching us and learning all the time, although they’ll never admit it.”
  • Have your kids get involved in the preparing of veggie casseroles, side dishes, main dishes, salads, etc. Have them flip through a vegetable cookbook and a recipe that looks appetizing.
Hope that helps in this last week, and don’t forget to come share a meal with us this Wednesday.

FIT Summer Fitness Camp

4 Jun

Summer break is a time for kids to relax and enjoy their hard earned vacation. Pool parties, sleepovers and bbq’s fill many summer days. However, with at least two months of down time and the elevated use technological gadgets, such as  Xbox, Wii and PS3, kids can find themselves on the couch more often than not. A great solution to summer inactivity is summer camps. General fitness and activity camps can keep kids moving and provide lifelong positive experiences.

The FIT Summer Fitness Camp is designed to accommodate all skill levels of children ages 7-15. Using general activities derived from sports and games, our camp will not only help your child maintain a higher level of fitness, but will also provide them with the sociological and psychological benefits associated with organized play. Positive self-esteem, teamwork, and confidence are just a few of the benefits gained from participation in the FIT Summer Fitness Camp.

Last years attendees had an excellent experience. As a coach, witnessing the pride of each child at being part of team and their excitement with the development of each new skills was an awesome thing to experience. Our goal is to provide a positive experience with movement that each child can carry with them for years to come.

For more information on the FIT Summer Fitness Camp, please contact FIT @ (650)947-9831 or visit http://www.focusedtrainers.com