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Client of the Month – Gwen D’Antoni

12 May

Age: 65 years young

FIT Member since: March, 2008 – Happy 2-year Anniversary!

Goals upon starting at FIT:

  1. Strengthen Core to eliminate back and neck pain
  2. Stay off anti-inflamatories
  3. Increase flexibility
  4. Workout once per week on a consistent basis

Results upon dedication to workouts at FIT

  1. Can execute more advanced movements including loaded back squats, deadlifts, clean and jerks,  loaded walking lunges, and planks.  Back pain has been reduced to being a result of too much bending over (incorrectly) while gardening.
  2. Only in extreme cases does she take these – – such as too many days in a row of holding the grand-babies or not getting enough sleep.
  3. Can complete box squats and body weight squats down to a 12 inch box versus starting on a 16 inch box with limited range-of-motion and volume.
  4. Gwen works out twice per week with her group (and Analisa), a third day in the gym of interval training on her own, and includes long walks and gardening/landscaping duties with her husband at least 2-3 days per week.  Whooo! So much for only one time per week.


Personal Records:

  1. Push-ups: 4×10 with bar height on pin #5 (started on pin #8 for 3×8)
  2. Pull-Ups: 3 reps with 64lbs of assistance (started with 5 reps with 120 lbs of assistance

Key’s to Gwen’s success:

Gwen has been able to open up her mind to variations of movements that she was not used to in a new environment.  She has been dedicated to completing her homework exercises, including her core work (dying bugs, bridging, planks) and body weight squats.  She is also active at least an hour per day outside of the gym and includes brisk walking, step-ups, and chasing her grandkids around the house!  Gwen wanted to feel better, so she continues to make a conscious effort to move efficiently, safely, and correctly, especially outside of the gym.  Thank you for your hard work Gwen!

FIT Client of the Month – March 2010

11 Mar

Name: Brad Kancigor

Age: 42

FIT Member Since: August, 2009

Goals coming into FIT: #1 – Reduce lower back pain, #2 – Lose some body fat, #3 – Improve overall fitness levels and feel better

Results: #1 – Back pain has been reduced to rare, if ever!  #2 – He did lose some body fat along the way….as evident by his belt fitting 3 holes smaller than before!  #3 – Overall fitness level has gone through the roof in comparison to where he started and he is now able to make it through an entire workout at a higher intensity in conjunction with completing at home “homework” workouts.

Likes: Buying voodoo dolls of coach Rob and putting as many pins in them as possible!

Dislikes: Pain!

500m Row Personal Best: 1:43

Chin-Ups Personal Best: 1

Key’s to Brad’s success: He has been dedicated to completing his core work both during and outside of his personal training sessions.  Brad has remained motivated by his decrease in pain and increase in mobility.

Brad joined us last year with a long history of back pain. He had seen Chris Reed with Agile earlier in the year and was told even though he had a very slight disc degeneration it was nothing that would stop his from getting into better shape!!!

When I first started working with Brad, he was extremely de-conditioned and after a few basic exercises I knew that most of pain would decrease with some general body strength.

He didn’t have any limitations of movement ad was pretty flexible for someone who has not worked out since high school and is 6’3. I quite often remind Brad how far he has come in such a sort period that during our first workout he was unable to stand up from a BWS. He recently back squatted 40kg for 2×10. Brad is an avid golfer, but was unable to play as he was into much pain. He has been extremely committed doing his prescribed core work to strength his trunk as well as over time increasing his movements on his home workouts with BWS and push ups, just to name a few. In the last few months Brad has been playing golf again but still taking Advil pain meds get round the course. He has been making great strides in the gym with his fitness and strength and this past week played a full 18 holes of golf without any pain meds before, during or after the round.

Well done Brad.

FIT Client of the Month – February 2010

4 Feb

Name: Cindy Olander

FIT Member Since: November 2001

Goal(s): To complete a 1/2 marathon and a full marathon

Results: Completed the NIKE Women’s 1/2 Marathon in October 2009

Completed the Honolulu Marathon in December 2009

Likes: Snatch

Dislikes: Push-Ups

Key(s) to Cindy’s success: She is very consistent with her training and adheres to a regular training schedule.

Summary paragraph: Cindy has shown great perseverance in her training for these events.  After having a slight setback early in 2009, Cindy came back with greater determination and desire to do something she had never done and never thought she would do, and as she put it, “especially at her age”.  Not only did she decide she wanted to finish a 1/2 marathon, she figured why not do a full marathon?  So, a few months later, she finished her first full marathon.  Cindy has truly  been dedicated to her training and hasn’t missed a single session at FIT or her walk/runs, which often times resulted in a long training day on her own.  Her desired to try something new and challenging is what makes it easy for us as trainers to enjoy our jobs.  We can’t wait to see what challenges she decides on for 2010!  Congratulations!

FIT Client of the Month, January ’10

7 Jan

Client of the Month: Judy Madrigal

Age: 59

FIT Family Member since: 6/30/2009

Goals: Increase strength and energy while losing body fat


1. Activities of daily living are easier, such as walking up stairs and getting up and down from the floor

2. Down 1 dress size!
3. Increase energy level

Likes: Body row on the rings

Dislikes: Dumbbell thrusters

PR 500m Row: 2:37, 90 Watts

PR Chin-Ups: Assisted #17 x4 reps

Key’s to success from Coach Karen Moreno:

The key to Judy’s success is a positive attitude.  The first day Judy came in, she made it very clear she did not enjoy exercising. Since that first day, I have seen Judy not only excel in her exercise sessions, but greet each session with a smile and a “Can Do’ attitude.  It has been a pleasure working with Judy and I look forward to seeing her continued success.

Key’s to success in Judy’s words:

When I joined FIT 6 months ago I weighed in at 165 pounds (I am 5’3”) I could not climb a flight of steps without being winded, nor could I bend down and pick up something from the floor.  My level of fitness was probably that of someone significantly older.  It is hard for me to describe how much better I feel after working with Karen.  She has pushed me to do an exercise routine that is never boring or punishing, but just the right level to keep me interested and coming back.  I even added a day because it helped me to perform my daily life functions so much more efficiently.  I feel I finally have my life back.

FIT Client of the Month – Sean Henry

21 Oct

Client of the Month

seanhenry2Name: Sean Henry

Age: 47

FIT Member Since: 2007

Short-term Goals:

Muscle-up (I’m really close!)

Multiple full-range handstand push-ups

Long-term Goals:

500M Row in 1:30

To get my knees healthy enough to be consistent performing snatches and some limited running (400-800 Meters)

Really long-term:

When I have grandchildren, I want to be the grandparent who is in amazing shape and in better shape than the parents.  This will be challenging; I have some athletic kids.

What exercises do you like?

Snatches and squats in particular, but most anything is fine… except for my dislikes.


Barbell sumo deadlift high pulls

Metabolic conditioning workouts over 10 minutes

L-Sits and wall sits

What is the key to your success from training here at FIT?

Consistent effort, and listening to my trainer.  Also, I think cleaning up my diet has helped a lot.


I can now do halfway-reasonable overhead squats.  If you saw what any of my squats looked like when I first started, you would have bet serious money I would have never gotten where I am now.

Personal records for Sean:

Snatch (full range of motion): 30kg

Power clean and jerk: 60kg

Deadlift: 300lbs

Back Squat: 100kg

Strict pull-ups: 10+ consistently

Row 500m: 1:42

Keys to success (in Danielle’s words): Sean’s key to success is coming into FIT once a week, training on his own three to four times per week, and paying close attention to his sleep, stress, nutrition, and recovery.  When Sean started at FIT in the summer of 2007, he had a couple of goals in mind: 1) He wanted to learn how to properly deadlift and squat; and 2) Gain better overall fitness (increasing strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility).  Starting out, Sean had limited range of motion performing all types of movements, especially squats and deadlifts.  Two years later, Sean’s dedication has acquired him to have full range of motion in all of his movements; he has increased his strength and endurance; and he can execute more complex movements with no pain.  Sean we are proud that you are part of FIT and succeeding on living a healthier lifestyle.  Congratulations!

FIT Client of the Month, Sept. 09

15 Sep


Client Name:  Leo Cunningham

Age:  49

FIT Member since:  02/07/2008

Goal:  Run distance events without injury; Build strength and power everywhere

Results:  Leo successfully trained for and ran a half-marathon that he completed in December.  He knocked 10 minutes off his previous time, and, more importantly, he completed the training and the race without any pain in a knee that completely sidelined him a year earlier.  Leo also leaned up; dropped about 25 pounds; and improved his strength and work capacity.

Likes:  The positive (healthy, supportive, analytical, constructive) culture that pervades F.I.T.; the feeling when Herm has made me work harder than I thought I could; my new appreciation, through working with Rob, for the athleticism involved in Olympic weightlifting.

Dislikes:  Herm’s embarrassing scream of complete “flabbergastedness” when I shocked him with a muscle-up: dude, be cool!

PR 500 meter row:  1:35.7

PR chin-ups:  Leo is past chin-ups… he can do 3 muscle-ups in a row!

Key to your (client’s) success: Goal setting, consistency, zone-like diet (eating for performance)

Summary Paragraph:

A year ago I hurt my knee and was unable to run.  My physical therapist (Marc at Agile) rehabbed me and convinced me of the need for a well rounded conditioning program.  Herm and Rob have put me through a program that has done more than I ever expected, and they–and the whole F.I.T. culture–led me to re-examine and improve my nutrition and lifestyle.