Pandora’s Box

27 Jul

“While advocates argue that genetically engineered animals offer a promise of more affordable and more abundant food, opponents say it will only make profits more abundant and that the food could make you sick.”

The US has among the most lenient policies when it comes to genetic modification in that produce that has been altered need not be labeled as such.  The pending approval of genetically altered salmon is generating a great deal of attention presently to this controversial issue.  While watching the news tonight a ‘special report’ came on regarding this hot topic.

One of my favorite NPR programs, This American Life, did a piece back in ’07 featuring three stories of consequences that follow from human beings doing what we do best: “poking our noses everywhere, fixing things that may or may not be broken. . .  Scientists try, unsuccessfully, to create perfect pigs.”  Have a listen to Act 1:  Pandora\’s Box.

I’ve read and seen enough that I’m left wondering how this can even be debated.  I’m curious to hear your thoughts regarding if and how this topic sits with you and what questions it raises in your mind.

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