11 Sep

The following list comes from I book I have read recently called, “The Blue Zones: Lessons from Those That Live Longest” by Dan Buettner .  The point of the book is simple, what do people that live the longest do in their daily lives that is different from those that don’t.  Gathering the data was not, it took years, and literally a team of multi-disciplinary scientists to conduct.  Although it is difficult to identify a single “magic bullet” to longevity, it does seem as though there is some consistant behavior patterns among those that live beyond a century. I have listed a few here, in no order, you can draw your own conclusions. I will comment on these in another post.

1. Physical exertion daily

2. Reduced caloric intake

3. Eat veggies often

4. Laugh often

5. Stay connected and contribute to the family unit

6. Drink water

7. Remain social

8. Eat meat on occasion

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