Your Heart on Wonder Bread

28 Jun

For those who still think that dietary fat–particularly saturated fat–causes heart disease, consider the mounting evidence that refined carbohydrates (from grains) and fast-releasing carbohydrates (like white potatoes) can impact the health of your heart by turning its arteries into cement.  A study, recently published in the American College of Cardiology, shows that high carbohydrate foods may reduce the elasticity of arteries, which can cause heart disease, or something a little more unsettling… like sudden death.  Click here to read the report on the study.

So, once again, for the purpose of not only employing an effective and sustainable way to manage body weight, but also to stay alive a little longer to enjoy that nice body (and maybe also enjoy your children and your children’s children and cars that one day will fly and maybe even world peace), eat more wholesome foods like vegetables and fresh fruits and healthy nuts–and less shit crap man-made stuff.

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