It’s About Time

8 May

The Hill Blog» Blog Archive » Promoting Healthy Lifestyles (Rep. Ron Kind).

A while back I had a conversation with a client who was in quite good shape and always seemed like he enjoyed his time working out.  Can’t remember how we got started, but the net net of the discussion was that he exercised because he had to, not because he wanted to.  This led to a fairly heated discussion, of which we were on the same side, regarding the fact that billions of tax dollars are spent annually on health care costs treating diseases associated with inactivity.  Yet, for those that do invest the time and energy required to maintain a modicum of fitness AND who are tax paying citizens, there’s nothing. . .bupkis.  Our society generously provides aid to those in need but how about a little incentive for those staying out of trouble!  I commend these congressmen for introducing WHIP and PHIT and only hope our legislature has the good sense to make it so.

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